Dudes With Beards Eating Cupcakes

Dudes With Beards, Eating Cupcakes.

Please send submissions to dudeswithbeardseatingcupcakes@gmail.com

DWBEC has a SHIRTS ON policy. Let's keep it clean fellas.

Apr 28

I hate people who take selfies, unless they are cupcake eating selfies.


Apr 24


It’s against company policy to eat cupcakes on the showroom floor, but that didn’t stop our intrepid warrior from doing so.


Apr 10

Dads With Beards Eating Cupcakes


Apr 7

Second time’s a charm

I informed our friend Rob here that his submission violated DWBEC’s Shirts-On Policy.  This was his reply. I like the cut of your jib, Rob.  


Apr 5

Nice of you to use a plate to catch crumbs, Bernard. 


Mar 31

Jake here was worried his submission would be rejected for lacking an upper lip beard.  He compensated with a healthy application of cupcake icing, which has earned him a place among the DWBECs. 


Mar 30

DWBEC is Back.

That is the look of focus, not anger.


Bonus points for Grado headphones, and complete lack of self restraint. 


Mar 29

Happy 30th Birthday

Happy 30th birthday, my bearded brethren.

My only complaint that there is no IG-88 or Salacious Crumb cupcakes.  Otherwise A+ submission.


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